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He said the first smart decision you can make is to speak to an insurance broker. He continued to say that it’s free and evaluating what you’ll need is incredibly important. “We have a conversation and help you prepare for the worst possible aspects of life and I think that’s huge.” Ramirez says there are now more options for health insurance than there were last year. As a result of a worldwide pandemic and a wildfire that destroyed thousands of homes he says there needs to be. “Part of choosing a plan is knowing what care they might need. Mental health is important and that’s something that a lot of folks are having a hard time because of 2020.” you can try this out Representatives of the Oregon health plan agree. Amy Coven, communications strategist with Oregon Health Plan, said the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace provides a new safer and more efficient way to shop for health insurance. “The number one tool for people is assistance. This new marketplace allows people to window shop for their insurance before they buy,” said Coven.

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