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With this, it was explained that her Aunt Becky was staying in Nebraska , where she was helping with her mother. While Loughlin wasn’t on set for the show’s final moments, her co-star, Candace Cameron Bure , has explained how her presence was still felt. Candace Cameron Bure recently celebrated the anniversary of the series finale taping through a few posts in her Instagram stories. It was here that she revealed a note and flowers that appeared to be from Lori Loughlin. Now, she’s confirmed that they were indeed from her former co-star: Yes, it was a note from her. She sent me flowers and I believe a few other people some flowers. It was so nice to feel and have her presence there at the show… Yeah, it was really special. It would seem that Lori Loughlin found a way to celebrate Fuller House’s big moment, despite not actually being with them. And based on Candace Cameron Bure’s comments to ET , it sounds like she really appreciated the gesture from her longtime TV co-star.

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