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Awesome. We’ll do this together. Sitting on our bottoms — whether at work, at school, at home, in a car, in a chair, on a sofa or in front of the television — has recently been linked to all kinds of health problems. In fact, numerous studies show that sitting too many hours in a day is costly because it contributes to high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, a higher risk of blood clots and (gasp!) sluggish bowels. Some health professionals are beginning to equate sitting to smoking in terms of harm to overall health. Make it easy: Identify a daily activity like talking on the phone, texting or reading that you will no longer participate in while seated. Do these things while standing. I love to knit, and, you guessed it, I now stand and knit. It’s not bad. In fact, I’m quite enjoying this because I find I’m more alert and I make fewer important source mistakes.

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