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Appt Stephan The site will be part of a network of self-driving vehicle test facilities across the country. The shift in liability for damages being directly recoverable from manufacturers is more likely to take place once technology advances continue reading this to the stage of fully automated vehicles. If the risk of accidents is significantly lower for autonomous vehicles – and some calculations suggest it could be 50 times lower than for conventional cars – manufacturers would only have to make a very modest increase in the purchase price to cover the cost of the risk they are taking on. The Law Commission published its first consultation on automated vehicles , which sought to examine any legal obstacles to the widespread introduction of self-driving vehicles and the accompanying need for regulatory reforms, in November 2018. The first consultation sought input on whether further guidance or clarification was required in respect of contributory negligence, causation, data retention, secondary claims against manufacturers and software sold without a physical medium, amongst other regulatory issues. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) submitted its views to the Law Commission as part of this consultation, noting that drivers should not be liable when the autonomous vehicle itself is in control. However, the ABI also suggested that vehicles should not be classified as autonomous if the vehicle continues to require driver intervention in the case of an emergency. The ABI suggested that the driver should therefore remain fully responsible for an autonomous vehicle until such time that the autonomous vehicle can remain in control of itself in emergency scenarios. The second consultation, published in October 2019 , focused on the provision of completely automated trips where the vehicle travels empty or with passengers only, and no driver or user-in-charge – so-called highly automated road passenger services (HARPS).