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“A year ago, the city was averaging 1.6 million gallons a day in demand and Suburban 1.2 million gallons a day. Due to serious reduction efforts in unaccounted for water (fixing water main leaks), the city has reduced its current water use to just about a million gallons a day, while Suburban’s consumption has not shown a reduction over the same time period,” Wilson said. Wilson said the city’s efforts to save about 6 million gallons a day to ensure the water supply lasts is important, but it is essential that all water users take the drought seriously. “Regardless of supplier, take serious steps to reduce water use in their home and business for all of our sakes,” he said. Wilson told council he would write a letter to Suburban and ask for documentation on what steps the authority has taken to reduce water usage. According to Suburban Water Authority Office Manager Greg Mayes, the authority wasn’t made aware of any issues at either reservoir. “We go by whatever notifications we get from the city and we haven’t gotten any,” he said. Wilson said DEP notifies the public as well as about his water companies of drought conditions. “Suburban Authority members hold the majority of seats on the Central Clinton County Water Filtration Authority where the discussion has included information about the drought the county is experiencing,” he continued.

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