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I give wondering praise to the beneficent hand that ministers to my joy and comfort, that toils for the daily bread of all. I would gratefully acknowledge my debt to its capability and kindness. I pray that some hearts may heed my words about the hand of the world, that they may believe in the coming of that commonwealth in which the gyves shall be struck from the wrist of Labour, and the pulse of Production shall be strong with joy. All our earthly well-being hangs upon the living hand of the world. Society is founded upon it. Its life beats throb in our institutions. Every industry, every process is wrought by a hand, or by a superhand — a machine whose mighty arm and cunning fingers the human hand invents and wields. The hand embodies its skill, projects, and multiplies itself in wondrous tools, and with them it spins and weaves, ploughs and reaps, converts clay into walls, and roofs our habitations with trees of the forest. It compels Titans of steel to heave incredible burdens, and commands the service of official source nimble lackeys which neither groan nor become exhausted. Communication between mind and mind, between writer and reader, is made possible by marvelous extensions of the might of the hand, by elaborate reduplications of the many-motioned fingers.

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The burned-out building owned by Ivan Kriger is seen in this February 2018 photo. By July of that year, a crew had demolished it, but Kriger now faces insurance fraud claims tied to its removal.   (JESSE TINSLEY) The claim was denied because he didn’t have coverage at the time of the fire. The property’s assessed value that year was $202,000. Kriger also refused to pay for the asbestos cleanup that the Spokane Clean Air Agency ordered after the building’s destruction . Fire investigators said they believed it was set by homeless occupants trying to stay warm. There were no injuries reported. Efforts to reach Kriger, via phone numbers and an email on publicly available corporation documents, were unsuccessful Wednesday. A bench warrant has been issued for his arrest after a failure to appear at a court date Nov. 4. The city of Spokane took out a lien against the property and contracted with Rob’s Demolition to remove what remained of the building and the asbestos. The work was completed in July 2018 at a cost of about $380,000, according to city records.